All prices include delivery by carrier in the spring/summer, or by Royal Mail in the autumn/winter (rugs will be sent immediately providing we have the size you order in stock, I will let you know if your rug will be more than a few days)

DeMeulenkamp Rugs are available in the following sizes:

size 00 for small Shetlands/big Minis, usual rug size around 3'6" to 3'9" - £135 (size 00 does not show on order form, let me know size at time of ordering)

size 0 for Shetlands/donkeys, 9hh & under, usual rug size around 3'9" to 4'2" - £135 (let me know size at time of ordering)

size 1 for larger Shetlands/Welsh sec As/bigger donkeys, 10-11.2hh, usual rug size around 4'4" to 4'6" - £135 (let me know size at time of ordering)

size 2 for Exmoor/Dartmoor types, 11.2-12hh, usual rug size around 4'8" to 4'10" - £135

size 3 for Welsh sec Bs/small New Forests, 12-13hh, usual rug size around 5' to 5'5" - £150

size 4 for medium Icelandics/New Forests, 13-14hh, usual rug size around 5'6" - £150

size 5 for large Icelandics/Haflingers, 14-14.2hh, usual rug size around 5'9" - £150

size 6 for Fjords/Cobs, 14.2-15.2hh, usual rug size around 6' - £155

size 7 for Friesians/larger Cobs/horses, 15.2-16hh, usual rug size around 6'3" to 6'6" - £155

size 8 for Warmbloods/TBs, 16-16.2hh, usual rug size around 6'9" - £165

size 9 for Heavy Hunters and Shire crosses, 16.2hh plus, usual rug size around 7' plus - £165

Size 10 for large Shires, 17.2hh plus, usual rug size around 7'6" - £165

Hoods - small pony, pony, cob, full or extra full, with either mesh or fringe front - £45

Udder Covers - one size - dark brown only - £30. Please email me to order udder covers.


Please note, heights and breeds given above are only for a rough idea of the size and type of horse/pony the rug will fit. Hood sizes correspond with headcollar/bridle sizes.

Sizes are based on ordinary rug sizes and are not necessarily the same as Boett sizes. Measure as you would for a turnout rug ie from the centre of the chest in a straight line around the horse's body to a point that is in line with the top of the tail. Click here for a conversion chart for US and European sizes. A rug which fits correctly should stay in place. If the rug slides back and rubs the shoulders it is generally too big. Also, if the horse leaves droppings inside the leg protection then the rug is too long. If itís already soiled, you may need to take a tuck in the rug above the hindquarters, and possibly on the neck too.

Rugs are available from stock in dark brown, with black fittings, to match the hoods and udder covers. Over a period of time, rugs may fade slightly, but this does not affect their efficiency.

We also supply light olive green rugs and hoods in all sizes but do not always keep all sizes in stock.

If your horse is very fat ("in show condition") or very heavily built, order one size larger than the guidelines given above. Most rugs fit well "off the peg" but with so many different sizes and shapes of horses it may be necessary for you to make some minor adjustments. This is easy to do with a home sewing machine, or by hand. Should you need extra material, just let me know. The bag the rug comes in can be used for patching if necessary. We offer a complete bag of spares - material, elastic, clips, webbing - for £15

If the rug you order does not fit, you may exchange it for a different size providing it is in AS NEW condition - ie clean, tidy, no hairs or marks etc. Try the rug on a clean, dry, horse, and remove any hairs with sellotape. You will need to pay the extra postage should you decide to exchange your rug, and obtain proof of posting when returning your rug in case of loss or damage. Any returns should be made within 14 days. Soiled or damaged rugs or hoods will not be considered for exchange or refund.


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